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Vulcan IK CD | Technal PX Soleal | Jack TD 68 Thermal | Jack JD 47 Non-Thermal | Comar 7 Pi | Comar 9 Pi Smart Visoglide | Smart Visofold Warmcore



Vulcan IK | Jack JD 47 | Jack TD 68 Comar 3 | Comar 9 | Technal 3000 Smartwall


Curtain Walling

Vulcan IK CW | Jack C/Wall | Comar 6 Comar 6 EFT | Technal MX | Sapa Elegance 52

PVCu Products

Shield is not just another window system….
but the Shield brand is the umbrella to many products. The success of the individual parts combining together to provide the much greater success of all components working in harmony.

The most significant development in synerjy is the introduction of a J bead (also known as a knock in, or single leg bead), responding to what our customers say they would like whilst simultaneously handing them a completely fully sculptured window, door, and conservatory suite.

The Sheerframe 8000 brings together over 30 years’ expertise in window technology from the UK’s leading window systems company. It delivers a five chamber, fully-reinforced high performance window system in two attractive styling options. It meets consumer demand for a lead-free, calcium organic stabilised A-rated system.

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